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​Here at Image Windows (UK) Ltd We offer a variety of different products to suit your needs. From a single window to complete house installation. We never compromise on Quality, Finish or Service.

Our comprehensive variety of colours & styles including Georgian or Astrigal bars with many glass & handle options also available to choose from.

  • UPVC Windows

  • Casement windows

  • Tilt and Turn windows

  • Vertical Sliding Windows

  • UPVC Sash Windows

  • Double & Triple Glazing

  • Flush Sash PVC Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Offering you the complete window system product range using the system 10 Halo and Rustique (sculpted) extruded by WHS Halo. The system is available in White, Rosewood Cherry wood grain foils.

Tilt & Turn Windows

The tilt & turn window is a versatile window with two different openings. Ventilation opening which is the tilt and the turn for opening inwards for easy cleaning & Maintenance.

Vertical Sliding Sash

The Traditional Georgian window though stunning can become difficult to open very draughty in the winter even leak& though very desirable do not have the security that a modern UPVC window would have.

PVCu Windows

PVCu or Polyvinyl Chloride Un-plasticised windows are considered number one in energy efficiency, which is why 80% of the world is now using it, what with more people becoming environmentally aware.

PVCu windows are actually uPVC Windows before they changed their name in the late 1980s, which means they are one and the same. The name change was mainly done to align with European standards where the nouns are placed before the adjective. PVC is the noun, and U for Un-plasticised is the adjective. So instead of PVCu, it was switched to uPVC.


  • Energy efficient & eco-friendly

  • Doesn’t biologically decompose or rot

  • Long-lasting and impact-resistant

  • Watertight and reduces condensation

  • Low maintenance and recyclable


  • May give off fume when heated to high temperature for recycling

  • Tend to cheapen the property value

  • Less flexible designs

Casement Windows

They are opened and closed through by turning a crank in its operating mechanism. Depending on whether or not it opens outward, it can be hinged on the right or left.


  • Low rate of leakage

  • Offers excellent ventilation

  • Easy to manoeuvre open and close

  • Reduces noise significantly

  • Adds traditional charm


  • Requires hardware maintenance

  • May block decks or walkways when opened

  • Larger casement windows are harder to operate

Flush Sash Windows

These operate similarly to a regular sash window, where it slides up and down in its frame, except that it’s finished flush with the face of the window. It is built with dummy sashes to achieve “equal sightlines”.


  • Doesn’t require clearance to open

  • Better control of ventilation, since you only need to open the top half or bottom

  • Great aesthetics


  • Requires maintenance

  • Wood tend to rot and chip

Astrigal Vs Georgain

Georgian bars are sandwiched between 2 layers of glass whilst Astrigal bars option you have the spacer bar providing  a grid system inside the glass with the bars securely taped to the glass inside & out giving the illusion that the glass is made into several panes to mimic the old style timber windows.

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